An assortment of books publicised by Martha Halford-Fumigalli

Martha Halford-Fumagalli is an experienced PR professional in the publishing arena and beyond. For almost two decades she has been promoting books, services to the publishing industry, and other products with great success.

Her approach makes a real difference as her clear, catchy message always reaches the target audience achieving the desired aim: boosting sales and enhancing the client’s reputation.

Hence her slogan, ‘add a touch of colour to your PR’ – her strategy being thoughtful and original and always effective.

Each campaign gets VIP treatment, the press release is written working closely with the client, and all the relevant media lists are put together afresh each time with the aim of reaching as wide a number of interested audiences as possible: no stone is left unturned!

In short, Martha’s professionalism, thoroughness, determination and creativity are a winning PR combination.

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Please see below a few testimonials (you can find more on the Testimonials page).

What our clients say about us

  Martha manages to reach parts other PR professionals can’t! I have been really impressed by her dedication and care, taking promotion down all sorts of routes and getting results.     Tracy Chevalier, bestselling author of The Girl with the Pearl Earring and The Last Runaway, among many other novels

  Martha really campaigned on our behalf and covered all the bases. PR with real drive behind it.     Katy Emck, Founding Director of prison charity ‘Fine Cell Work’

  My PR genius.      Martin Lindstrom, Global Brand Analyst and bestselling author

  An amazing PR expert. I’m new to publishing with my first book being self-published, so I was always going to be a PR challenge. I have been thrilled with the coverage my book has received. I have been featured both in the national media (newspapers and broadcast) and in specialist publications. I found Martha friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, effective and everything you could want if you want to publicise your book and sell it.  I’d recommend her to anyone.       Mary Banham-Hall, author of Love Lose Live: Divorce is a Rollercoaster, and family lawyer and mediator

  You were a godsend, and made the whole experience so much more amazing!       Benny Lewis, author of Fluent in 3 Months (published by Collins) and award-winning blogger

  I am enormously appreciative of the skill and diligence you exercised generally in publicizing my book. In my humble view, you are everything a publicist ought to be.       Norman Poser, Professor of Law Emeritus, Brooklyn Law School, and author of Lord Mansfield: Justice in the Age of Reason (published by McGill-Queen’s University Press)

  I just wanted to thank you for your efforts on All That Matters over the last year or so and particularly for your continued hard work…       Sam Richardson, Publisher, Hodder & Stoughton

  Martha has worked successfully on several of our titles, and has generated publicity and reviews in a thoughtful and successful way.     Adrian Brink, Publisher, Lutterworth Press

You can see more testimonials here.

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